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1904 NZMTC SPRING MEETING: Tuesday 8 November


The interest taken in the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club's Spring Meeting, which opened yesterday was shown by the large number of visitors that assembled on the convincing ground. All parts of the colony were represented, and the spectators were treated to a fine afternoon's racing.

Never has the Addington ground appeared to better advantage, while the many improvements effected of late were greatly appreciated both by inside and outside patrons. The running track was in excellent order, as were all the appointments. Before the conclusion of operations a strog nor'-west wind set in, but a liberal use of the water cart helped to lessen its ill effects.

The leading harness race of the day, the Metropolitan Handicap, resulted in a fine struggle between Factory Boy and the American mare, Lottie Derby, victory resting with the former, who was judiciously handled by A Pringle, by a small margin, in the excellent time of 4min 47sec. Another great performance was that of the Rothschild-Judah colt Lord Elmo who, by winning the Irwell Handicap in 2min 30 3/5th sec, established a fresh Australasian mile record.

Despite the several reverses experienced by backers, speculation was brisk, no less a sum than £10,460 10s being invested, as against £8003 10s on the corresponding day last year. Results:-

NOVICE HANDICAP (in saddle) of 100 sovs; second 10 sovs and third 5 sovs from stake. Two miles.

A Watson's ch m Ciss by General Tracey, aged 12sec (A Kerr) 1
R Allen's Sondonio, 10sec (Owner) 2
J Moir's Austrey, scr (K H Smith) 3

Huon King 2sec, Ashcat 3sec, Tea Tree 3sec, Waikoi 3sec, Globelia 7sec, Hebe 9sec and Glenrod 12sec also started.

Glenroy led for two furlongs when Ashcat, Ciss and Hebe formed the leading division. Ciss was just in front of Huon King, Austrey and Sondonio when the concluding round was entered, but in the back she lost her place to Austrey and Huon King. Coming with a well-sustained run in the last furlong Ciss again got to the front and won by four lengths from Sondonio, with Austrey three lengths away third and Hebe fourth. Time, 5min 25sec. Dividends - On Ciss £2 12s; on Sondonio £1 6s.

MIDDLETON HANDICAP (in harness) of 110 sovs; second 11 sovs and third 5 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

J Poff's gr c Nabocklish by Lincoln Yet, 4yrs, 11 sec (J Milne) 1
E McCann's My Mistake, 15sec (Owner) 2
G D McEwen's Sunol, 15sec (D Nyhan) 3

Veracity scr, Foxhall 14sec, Hettie H 15sec, Princess Royal 15sec and Edward R 15sec also started.

Edward R made the early running, the favourite Hettie H soon losing all chance by breaking repeatedly. At the stand Sunol was in front, and with My Mistake and Edward R in close attendance was first into the concluding round. Then Nabocklish got to the leading division, and there was little to choose between him, Sunol, and My Mistake till within a furlong of the post. Then Sunol fell away baten, and by a final effort Nabocklish beat My Mistake by a length with Sunol two lengths away third and Edward R fourth. Time, 3min 51 3/5th sec. Dividends - On Nabocklish £9 2s; on My Mistake £4 16s.

EMPIRE HANDICAP (in saddle) of 110 sovs; second 11 sovs and third 5 sovs from stake. Two miles.

C H Gorton's b m Cinders by Burlington Junr., aged, 11sec (A Piper) 1
J Brankin's Viewmont, 15sec (Owner) 2
T F Cuneen's Bushman, 11sec (M Edwards) 3

George L II scr, De Wet 5sec, Hero 8sec, Big Jim 9sec, Auctioneer II 9sec, Electioneer Belle 13sec, Blithechild 14sec and Vanforth 15sec also started.

Viewmont, with Bushman in close attendance, showed the way through the first round, at the end of which Cinders was in third place. This order was maintained till passing the enclosure for the second time, when Cinders ran to the front, followed by Viewmont and Bushman, Electioneer Belle being at the head of the others. From this out Cinders kept her advantage, and though tiring badly, just managed to last long enough to win by half a length from Viewmont. Bushman finished third, twelve lengths away, followed by Blithechild. Time, 4min 54 1/5th sec. Dividends - On Cinders £2 6s; on Viewmont £2.

METROPOLITAN HANDICAP (in harness) of 220 sovs; second 22 sovs and third 11 sovs from stake. Two miles.

R D Petrie's b g Factory Boy by Emerson-Factory Girl, 6yrs, 14sec (A Pringle) 1
J Pettie's Lottie Derby, 14sec (D J Price) 2
J A Buckland's Viva, 8sec (C Piper) 3

Onward 4sec, Cocoanut 6sec, Euchre 6sec, Lancewood II 9sec, Thurlow 12sec, Frederick 14sec and Moira 14sec also started.

Frederick led Factory Boy for half a mile, when the latter went to the front, and at the stand he was followed at an interval of four lengths by Lottie Derby, after whom came Moira, Lancewood and Viba. At the half-distance Viva had worked her way into third place, while Euchre was also showing prominently. Entering the concluding round, Factory Boy held four length's advantage of Lottie Derby, with Viva six lengths back, followed by Moira and Euchre. Lottie Derby put in a great effort in the last two furlongs, but she could not quite get to Factory Boy, who won a good race by a length. Viva was third, fifty yards back, followed by Euchre and Moira. Time, 4min 47 4/5th sec. Dividends - On Factory Boy £2 6s; on Lottie Derby £1 8s.
SPRING HANDICAP (in harness) of 100 sovs; second 10 sovs and third 5 sovs from stake. Two miles.

C H Piper's b m Vangeline by Vancleve, aged, 4sec (Owner) 1
J B Zander's Miss Vera Capel, 11sec, (L Robertson) 2
A Curragh's Havelock, 24sec, (J Milne) 3

Revenue 9sec and Lone Hand 16sec also started.

Havelock made play for the first mile, with Miss Vera Chapel in second place. A little further on the favourite took charge, and started on the concluding round just clear of Vangeline. This pair ran on terms till within a furlong of the post, when Miss Vera Capel broke, and though she came again in the straight, Vangeline passed the post two lengths to the good, with Havelock a hundred and fifty yards away third. Time, 5min 3sec. Dividend - £7 14s.

ST ALBANS HANDICAP (in saddle) of 100 sovs; second 10 sovs and third 5 sovs from stake. One mile.

R Munro's b g Discoverer by Stanley, aged, 5sec (Owner) 1
J Gallagher's Robert Emmet, 3sec (B Edwards) 2
J A Buckland's Velvet, 3sec (C Piper) 3

Nellie More scr, Cinders 2sec bhd scr, Sweet Marie 1sec, Kozie 4sec, Beautiful Bells 6sec, Electioneer Belle 6sec and Gertie 6sec also started.

Beautiful Bells soon got to the front only to give way to Robert Emmet, who at the stand held a four lengths' advantage of Sweet Marie and Discoverer. In the back straight Discoverer ran into second place, followed by Sweet Marie and Velvet. A furlong from the post Discoverergot to Robert Emmet, and having the best of the final struggle, won by two lengths. Velvet finished third fifty yards back, followed by Cinders. Time, 2min 27 2/5th sec. Dividends - On Discoverer £17 2s; on Robert Emmet 14s.

IRWELL HANDICAP (in harness)of 100 sovs; second 10 sovs and third 5 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J Cooper's b c Lord Elmo by Rothschild-Judah, 2yrs, 12sec (J Milne) 1
R McDonnell's Hettie H, 2sec (Owner) 2
A J Lawrence's Galatea, 8sec (B Sheppard) 3

Sunol 2sec, Ivy B 3sec, Jewel's Heiress 4sec, Dearest 6sec, Sondonio 7sec and Darling 11sec also started.

Lord Elmo soon opened up a big gap between himself and Galatea, and at the stand he was six lengths to the good. At the half mile post Hettie H got to Galatea, and in the back straight she closed on the leader. Two furlongs from home she was on terms with him, but, tiring, suffered defeat by two lengths. Galatea finished third fifty yards back followed by Sondonio. Time, 2min 30 2/5th sec. Dividends - On Lord Elmo £3 6s; on Hettie H £1 4s.

RICCARTON HANDICAP (in harness) of 100 sovs; second 10 sovs and third 5 sovs from stake. One mile.

W Kerr's b m Elsie T, aged, 7sec (Owner) 1
J Hanna's Wild Wave, 7sec (A Binnie) 2
A J Lawrence's Pygmalion, 5sec (B Sheppard) 3

Lottie Derby 3sec, Lady Elmo 6sec also started.

Elsie T got away at great pace, and at the stand was ten lengths clear of Lady Elmo, with Wild Wave in third place. Before coming to the back straight the leader broke, but soon got under way again, while Lady Elmo commenced to tire. From this out Elsie T had matters all her own way, winning by fifty yards from Wild Wave who was six lengths in front of Pygmalion. Time, 2min 27sec. Dividend £2 14s.

Credit: The Press 9Nov1904

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