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The New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club's Spring Meeting was concluded yesterday in fine weather, for after a dull morning the sun shone out before mid-day, and with a cool breeze blowing the conditions were much more pleasant than those experienced on Thursday.

The attendance was very good, though the totalisator investments showed a slight decrease, the figures for the day being £45,247, as compared with £48,278 10s, making the total for the three days £118,790, as against £125,342.

The racing yesterday was exceptionally interesting, and the management was in all respects in keeping with the high standard that has been so long associated with the Metropolitan Club's fixtures.

The most important race on the card yesterday was the Christchurch Handicap, which brought out a field of thirteen starters, Steel Bell being the only scratching. The bracketed pair, Prince Berlin and Admiral Wood, were very solidly backed, but the actual favourite was Erin's King. The race was an interesting one. Capriccio was responsible for the pace in the early stages, but found herself outpaced at the finish. She was passed by Emilius at the turn near the tanks, and after an investigation the stewards, acting on the report of the chief stipendiary steward, Mr T H Davey, came to the conclusion that R McDonnell, the driver of Emilius, had been at fault in crossing Capriccio before having the necessary lead. Emilius was therefore disqualified, and Erin's King was awarded first place with Capriccio second, and Admiral Wood third.

A feature of the day's racing was the form shown in the two-mile saddle races by A Pringle, who won the Governor's Handicap on Treasure Seeker, and the Australasian Handicap on Bellflower. The former event was confined to trotters, and Pringle rode a very well-judged race. In the Australasian Handicap he had to meet a field of very smart pacers, but had the result in safe keeping a good way from home.

Hardy Wilkes, the only trotter engaged in the Victoria Handicap, of two miles and a quarter, put up a very good performance in that event, as he took the lead early and won comfortably from Huon Drift. The form shown by Hardy Wilkes in this event gained him a lot of support for the Dominion Trotting Handicap, but in the latter race he refused to settle to his work properly. Lady Wilminton began well and trotted without a mistake, but Whispering Willie, who was well driven by J Bryce, had too much pace for her at the finish, and won in good style.

The Enfield Handicap, the mile saddle race, produced a very good finish between Mintson, St Ursula and Author Dillon, but in the Recovery Handicap, in harness, Dillon Bell was in front all the way, and stayed long enough to win by two lengths from Eccentric. The following are details of the racing:-

GOVERNOR'S HANDICAP (in saddle) of 200 sovs; second horse 40 sovs and third 20 sovs from stake. 4.55 or better. Two miles.

F Holmes's b g Treasure Seeker by Rothschild, aged, 30yds (A Pringle) 1
J H Power's blk g Wild Tree, aged, 30yds (E McDermott) 2
H A Lloyd's b g King Capitalist, aged, 60yds (M Edwards) 3

Macwood scr, Jessie's Dream 20yds, Mokau 20yds, Imperial Crown 40yds, Eruption 50yds, Commander Bell 110yds also started.

Treasure Seeker was quickly out in front, and at the end of half a mile was followed by Wild Tree, Jessie's Dream and King Capitalist, who were racing in close order. Going out of the straight Jessie's Dream dropped back and King Capitalist went on in third place. Treasure Seeker, Wild Tree and King Capitalist drew away from the rest of the field, and the first-named going without a mistake, while the other two broke, won by a couple of lengths. King Capitalist was a length away third, followed some lengths back by Commander Bell and Jessie's Dream. Time, 4min 47sec.

VICTORIA HANDICAP (in harness) of 350 sovs; second horse 70 sovs and third 35 sovs from stake. 5.24 or better. Two miles and a quarter.

J Fleming's b h Hardy Wilkes by Marvin Wilkes-Doris M, 6yrs 30yds (A Fleming) 1
R J Munro's ch g Huon Drift, aged 80yds (Owner) 2
N Edwards's b h Wallace Wood, aged, 120yds (Owner) 3

Paul Huon scr, Proud Girl 10yds, Galindo Lou 20yds, and The Bronzewing 20yds also started. (Galindo Lou and The Bronzewing were bracketed).

The front division were slow to begin, while Huon Drift got away well. Hardy Wilkes settled down quickly, and before a lap had been covered was in the lead, followed by The Bronzewing. Huon Drift was running third at the end of six fulongs, Hardy Wilkes then being well clear of The Bronzewing. There was no change in the order of this trio over the next lap, but six furlongs from home The Bronzewing was tiring, and a little further on Huon Drift ran into second place. Hardy Wilkes, however, was still going along comfortably in the lead, and Huon Drift could make no impression on him over the final stages, the favourite winning by eight lengths. Wallace Wood was about twenty yards away third, with Paul Huon fourth and The Bronzewing next. Time, 5min 19sec.

CHRISTCHURCH HANDICAP (in harness) of 750 sovs; second horse 150 sovs and third 75 sovs from the stake. 4.38 or better. Two miles.

J D Parker's b h Erin's King by Hal Zolock-BJN, 5yrs, 48yds (A Hendricksen) 1
E McDermott's b m Capriccio, 5yrs, 12yds (Owner) 2
Mrs A Seymour's b h Admiral Wood, 5yrs, 109yds (F Holmes) 3
R McDonnell's b h Emilius, 5yrs, 36yds (Owner) disq

G Booker's ch h Oinako, 5yrs, scr (R W Franks)
I M Thompson's br m Brown Bell, aged, 24yds (L O Thomas)
W H Young's b m St Ursula, 6yrs, 24yds (A Fleming)
J G S Holmes's b g Moneymaker, 6yrs, 36yds (A Pringle)
B Shadbolt's br h Hal Zolock, aged, 36yds (D Nyhan)
J Farrell's b h St Kevin, aged, 36yds (J Brankin)
H W Kitchingham's b h Jingle, aged, (H Gaskell)
Holland Bros' br g Prince Berlin, aged, 48yds (J Bryce)
J Henderson's b g Tommy C, aged, 72yds (R Reay)
(Prince Berlin and Admiral Wood were bracketed)

Oinako refused to leave the mark, and St Kevin and Tommy C also lost their chances at the start. Capriccio went away well and at the end of half a mile she was showing the way to Emilius, Brown Bell, Erin's King, St Ursula and Moneymaker. They raced practically in that order over the next circuit, and with a lap to go Capriccio still held command from Emilius, after whom came Moneymaker, St Ursula, Brown Bell and Erin's King, with Admiral Wood moving up fast on the outside. Going along the back Emilius was closing on Capriccio and at the tanks he headed her and quickly took the inside running. Racing for the straight Erin's King passed Cappriccio, but could not reach Emilius, who beat him home by three lengths. Capriccio was a similiar distance back in third place, followed by Admiral Wood, Moneymaker, and Prince Berlin. Time, 4min 33 2/5th sec.
Subsequently Emilius was disqualified for crossing Capriccio at the turn near the tanks, and first place was awardsed to Erin's King, with Capriccio second and Admiral Wood third.

AUSTRALASIAN HANDICAP (in saddle) of 300 sovs; second 60 sovs and third 30 sovs from stake. 4.45 or better. Two miles.

J Hamilton's br m Bellflower by Bellman, aged, 70yds (A Pringle) 1
J B Thomson's b m Soda, 6yrs, 90yds (F E Jones) 2
Black & Steele's blk g Irvingwood, 10yds (A Butterfield) 3

OIC 20yds, Lindetta 20yds, Young Tohu 30yds, Agathos 30yds, Disappear 30yds, Submarine 70yds, Ariadne 70yds and Stanley's Child 90yds also started.

Irvingwood, Lindetta and Agathos made the early running, but at the end of half a mile Bellflower was in front, with Agathos, Irvingwood, Lindetta and Ariadne next. In the second mile Ariadne made up his ground fast, and at the tanks had taken second place behind Bellflower. With a lap to go Bellflower was leading from Ariadne, Irvingwood and Soda. Ariadne dropped out over the last half mile, and Soda and Irvingwood raced on terms half a dozen lengths behind Bellflower. The favourite was not seriously troubled in the run home, and won by four lengths from Soda, who was a neck in front of Irvingwood. Stanley's Child was a poor fourth, and then came Submarine and Ariadne. Time 4min 38 2/5th sec.

DOMINION TROTTING HANDICAP (in harness) of 600 sovs; second horse 120 sovs and third 60 sovs from the stake. For unhoppled trotters. 4.46 or better. Two miles.

C Allington's b g Whispering Willie by Woodland Whistere-Gossip, 6yrs, scr (J Bryce) 1
F J McCammon's b m Lady Wilmington, aged, scr (M Edwards) 2
E E Cuneen's br g Galician, aged, 10yds (A Hendricksen) 3

Truganini scr, Blackthorn scr, Red Heather 10yds, Hardy Wilkes 10yds & 40yds penalty, Rummy 10yds, Olive L 20yds, Commander Bell 30yds, Quincey 40yds, Master Raymond 50yds and Electrocute 60yds also started.
(Blackthorn and Lady Wilmington were bracketed)

Galician, Lady Wilmington, Whispering Willie, Truganini and Red Heather was the order passing the stand the first time, and there was little change on the next lap. Lady Wilmington was well clear of the others six furlongs from home, and in the back stretch she had a good lead from Galician and Whispering Willie. The last-named broke and lost a good deal of ground, Lady Wilmington apparently having the race in her keeping. Whispering Willie, however, was soon into his stride again, and finishing with a great burst of speed, beat Lady Wilmington by a couple of lengths. Galician was ten lengths away, followed by Red Heather, Truganini an Quincey. Time, 4min 45 2/5th sec.

HORNBY HANDICAP (in harness) of 250 sovs; second horse 50 sovs and third 25 sovs from the stake. 2.55 or better. One mile and a quarter.

J Brankin's b g General Link by General Mac-Imperialwood, 6yrs, scr (Owner) 1
M Edward's b m Adelaide Direct, aged, 84yds (Owner) 2
J Parkinson's b h Sungod, 5yrs, 24yds (E McCann) 3

Sinoda scr, Louie Drift scr, Nance O'Neill scr, Brown's Nuggett 24yds, Sir Fulham 24yds, Bright 24yds, Mountain Rose 36yds, Havoc 36yds, Ben Dillon 36yds, Childsdale 48yds and Succeed 48yds also started. (Brown's Nugget and Sir Fulham were bracketed)

Of the limit division General Link was quickest to begin, and at the end of half a mile he had Sinoda and Sir Fulham as his nearest attendants. General Link was out with a big lead in the back stretch, where Adelaide Direct was improving her position fast. Turning for home Adelaide Direct had run into second place, but could not reach General Link, who won by three lengths. Sungod was six lengths away third followed by Sir Fulham, Nance O'Neill and Succeed. Time, 2min 54 4/5th sec.

ENFIELD HANDICAP (in saddle) of 300 sovs; second horse 60 sovs and third 30 sovs from the stake. 2.16 or better. One mile.

Mrs A Seymour's b h Mintson by Papanui-Mint, 5yrs, 36yds (H Frost) 1
W H Young's br m St Ursula, 6yrs, 12yds (R W Franks) 2
J Knight's b h Author Dillon, 4yrs, 12yds (B Jarden) 3

Franzalena scr, Little Tib scr, Cromstall 12yds, Dalwhinnie scr, Desdemona scr, Red Mac scr, Frandocia 24yds, St Kevin 48yds, Solo 48yds also started. (Little Tib and Cromstall were bracketed)

Desdemona began smartly, and passing the stand had Author Dillon and Red Mac in close attendance. Going out of the straight St Kevin was closing on the leaders, and in the back stretch had taken fourth place, but soon dropped back beaten. Author Dillon, St Ursula and Desdemona were racing in close order when the straight was reached, but over the last hundred yards Mintson came with a strong run, and won by a bare length from St Ursula, who was three-parts of a length in front of Author Dillon. Desdemona was fourth, Little Tib fifth, Solo sixth and Cronstall next. Time, 2min 15 1/5th sec.

RECOVERY HANDICAP (in harness) of 300 sovs; second 60 sovs and third 30 sovs from the stake. 2.15 or better. One mile.

M Edwards's b h Dillon Bell by Harold Dillon-Wild Belle, aged, scr (Owner) 1
R T Reid's gr g Eccentric, aged, 24yds (J Brankin) 2
J D Piper's b h Jewel Chimes, aged, scr (D Nyhan) 3

Steel Bell scr, Author Dillon scr, Frank Tracey 12yds, Rena Pointer 12yds, Sherwood 12yds and Don Caesar 24yds also started.

Dillon Bell jumped away smartly, being followed past the stand by Frank Tracey, Eccentric and Jewel Chimes. Dillon Bell kept the lead, and though he was tiring at the finish, won by two lengths from Eccentric, who was the same distance in front of Jewel Chimes. Sherwood was fourth, and Frank Tracey fifth. Time, 2min 17sec.

Credit: The Press 11 Nov 1916

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