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Splendid weather favoured the Plumpton Park Trotting Club for the opening day of their Spring Meeting yesterday, a pleasant contrast to what has been experienced during the past week.

The attendance, although above that of previous years, hardly came up to expectations, and under the circumstances the totalisator returns, which totalled £2934 10s or £911 more than was handled on the corresponding day of last year's Spring Meeting, must be considered satisfactory.

Taken all round the sport was of an interesting character; indeed, it is seldom that a better set-to has been witnessed in Canterbury than that between Little Archie and The Heir in the principal harness event. The Electric and Dash Handicaps also produced good contests, the result in each case being in doubt till within a few yards of the winning post.


TRIAL HANDICAP (saddle) of 35 sovs; second 6 sovs from stake. Two miles.

P Lynskey's br g Royal Tar by Royal George, 6yrs, 12sec (Owner) 1.
H Wright's The Fly, 12sec (Owner) 2.
J Smither's Jenny H, 10sec (M Edwards) 3.

Michael Malone scr, Impudence 18sec, Ayrshire Lad 18sec and Souvenir 19sec also started.

With a quarter of a mile gone Royal Tar had taken the lead, Jenny H second, The Fly third and Michael Malone last. No change took place to the finish, for although Jenny H closed on Royal Tar she could not pass him, and going on he won by seven lengths from The Fly, who beat Jenny H on the post for second place. Time, 5min 35sec. Dividend - £5 12s.

PONY HANDICAP (harness) of 30 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

G Bush's b g Rushlight by Young Irvington, 4yrs, 30sec (Cox) 1.
T W Price jun's The Duckling, 29sec (T Price) 2.
T Frost's Gipsy, 27sec (Owner) 3.

Daybreak scr, Ken-I-No 16sec, Evelyn 22sec, Specify 25sec, Pansy Irvington, 26sec, Bliss Irvington 27sec, Lady Zetland 30sec and Mero 30sec also started.

Rushlight was the first to show out, having The Duckling in attendance. This pair had the race to themselves, and after an interesting finish Rushlight won by six lengths. Gipsy just showing in front of Bliss Irvington and Daybreak. Time, 4min 22 2/5sec. Dividend - £5 14s.

SOCKBURN HANDICAP (saddle) of 90 sovs; second 12 sovs and third 8 sovs from stake. Two miles.

C W Hammond's ch g Rothschild Boy by Rothschild, 13sec (Owner) 1.
J Vallance's Kingston, 22sec (Binnie) 2.
E Bowes's Wenlock, 19sec (Day) 3.

Shylock 5sec, Flowerwood 15sec, and Miss Brownwood 22sec also started.

Miss Brownwood showed the way for the first half mile, Wenlock in second place, Kingston third. With a mile gone Wenlock was in the lead, Rothschild Boy well up, and Shylock handy. Half way through the second round Rothschild Boy got to the front, and eventually won by ten lengths from Kingston, Wenlock just in front of Shylock, the rest a long way off. Time, 5min 10sec. Dividend - £2 10s.

PROGRESSIVE HANDICAP (saddle) of 50 sovs; second 7 sovs and third 3 sovs from stake. Two miles.

T Frost's b g Forsaken Child by Rothschild, 6yrs, 27sec (Owner) 1.
Miss Gaskin's Eltee More, 11sec (J Taggart) 2.
A Cameron's Miracle Jack, 15sec (Munro) 3.

Daisy 5sec, Secrecy 14sec, Tim 17sec, Vancliffe 18sec, Narragansett 19sec and Florence 22sec also started.

The limit horse went well away, and with a round gone had a good lead from Eltee More and Vancliffe, Secrecy in fourth place. From this out Forsaken Child had matters all his own way, for Eltee More tired, and Vancliffe stopped. Half a mile from home Secrecy came well, and caught Eltee More, but not being persevered with let Miracle Jack get third place. Timw, 5min 40 1/2sec. Dividend - £2

SELLING HANDICAP (saddle) of 35 sovs. Two miles.

N Price's b m Lady Audley, by Young Irvington, aged, 32sec (N Price) 1.
W Shutter's Bess II, 22sec (Cole) 2.
F W Wright'sd Michael Malone, 10sec (Owner) 3.

Annie Rooney 12sec, Milray 24sec and Wokahe 28sec also started.

Lady Audley went off the mark at a good pace, and with a mile gone was right out by herself. From this out the result was never in doubt, for the leader had matters all her own way, eventually winning by a hundred yards. Time, 5min 49 3/5sec. Dividend - £1 14s.
The winner was bought in for £19. Two drivers were cautioned by the stewards for not persevering with their horses.

PLUMPTON HANDICAP (harness) of 100 sovs; second 12 sovs and third 8 sovs from stake. Two miles.

M Edwards's b g Little Archie by Mambrino King, 4yrs, 22sec (Owner) 1.
J A Buckland's The Heir, 24sec (C Piper) 2.
D J Price's Victory II, 3sec (Owner) 3.

Collector 3sec also started.

Before going a furlong Little Archie was on The Heir's wheel, and a little further on went to the front, Victory II showing in front of Collector. So they ran for a mile, Little Archie having six lengths lead of Fritz's brother, Victory two hundred yards off. In the last half mile The Heir started to gain on the leader, and, making up his leeway in determined style, was only two lengths to the bad when the entrance to the straight was reached. A battle royal then ensued right to the post both colts taking their punishment with the utmost gameness, but the task was just too much for The Heir, and he suffered defeat by a bare length. Then came Victory II over a hundred yards away, half that distance in front of Collector. Time, 5min 9 1/5sec. Dividend - £1 10s.

ELECTRIC HANDICAP (saddle) of 50 sovs; second 7 sovs and third 3 sovs from stake. One mile.

W Hopworth's b g Honest Jack by Young Irvington, aged, 13sec (Owner) 1.
J Milne's Principal, 16sec (Owner) 2.
W J Parson's Linda, 13sec (T Price) 3.

Redmire 7sec, Boswell 11sec, Daisy 15sec and Michael Malone 18sec also started.

Michael Malone held command for the first two furlongs, Principal and Daisy being his nearest attendants. At the half mile post Honest Jack was with the leaders, and Linda had improved her position. A little further on Honest Jack took command, Principal and Linda being just behind him, all the others being by now beaten. Approaching the straight Principal gave Linda the go bye, but he could not quite get to Honest Jack, who won with a little in hand by a length; Linda four lengths off, third. Time, 2min 32sec. Dividend - £7 16s.

DASH HANDICAP (harness) of 50 sovs; second 7 sovs and third 3 sovs from stake. One mile.

M Edwards's b m Rimu by Young Irvington, 5yrs, 18sec (Owner) 1.
J A Buckland's Valour, 6sec (C Piper) 2.
C F Thomas's Hollis H, 11sec (D Price) 3.

Utah 8sec, JH 8sec, Amelia 9sec and Wild Wave 19sec also started.

Rimu quickly deposed Wild Wave, and at the quarter post was well clear of Hollis H, JH Close up in third place. With half the distance gone, the leader had relinquished but little of her advantage, and although Valour, Hollis H and Utah made momentary efforts none of them could get to Rimu, who won with something in hand by five lengths, Hollis H a fair third. Time 2min 36 2/5sec. Dividend - £3 2s.

Credit: The Press 3Nov1900

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