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Handicapper Mr H Brinkman; Starter Mr C O'Connor.

There was only a moderate attendance on the second day of the Lancaster Park Amateur Trotting Club's Autumn Meeting. The meeting was held in beautiful weather. Results:-

INNOVATION HANDIDAP (in harness) of 50 sovs; second horse 10 sovs and third horse 5 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr A G Holmes's b h Bazaine, by Berlin-Coquette, 4yrs, 19sec (N Price) 1.

Mr F Holmes's b g Vascoe, 5yrs, scr (J Milme) 2.

Mr J Vallance's b g Big Jim, 4yrs, 28sec (McMillan) 3.

Vancliffe 14sec, Warrior 16sec, Vanderbilt 20sec, Lassie 20sec, Kenny 26sec, Sue Dudley 27sec, Rimu 32sec and Bellmore 33sec also started.

Bazaine got to the front a lap and a half from home, Big Jim and Vasco being his nearest attendants. Vasco passed Big Jim, but failed to reach Bazaine, who won by forty yards, Big Jim a further twenty yards away third, with Vancliffe fourth.

Time 5min 34sec. Dividend - £3 16s.

PONY HANDICAP (in harness) of 35 sovs; second horse 7 sovs and third horse 3 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr E Bowes's b g Young Boston, by Boston, aged, 13sec (F Angus) 1.

Jessamine 4sec, Amelia 4sec, Narragansett 5sec, Farewell 18sec, Skipper 19sec, Topsy 19sec, Merv 21sec, Sunset 23sec and The Scrubber 23sec also started.

Young Boston got to the front beginning the second lap, and going on won easily, Jessamine being just outside the distance.

Time 5min 41sec. Dividend - £1 15s.

HIGH-CLASS HANDICAP (in harness) of 110 sovs; second horse 22 sovs and third horse 11 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr L Robertson's b m Motuiti, by Corbet, aged 11sec (Owner) 1.

Mr M Edwards's ns b m Vickery, 4yrs 2sec (B Edwards) 2.

Mr A G Holmes's b g Harold B, aged, 7sec (N Price) 3.

Prince Imperial 3sec, Utah 6sec, Sam Slick 7sec and The Baron 9sec also started.

Motuiti got well away, and at the completion of the first lap was leading The Baron by four lengths, which the latter reduced slightly at the half-mile. Sam Slick was running third, just in front of Harold B and Utah, after whom came Prince Imperial and Vickery. At the end of a mile Motuiti was still going well in front of The Baron, Sam Slick gradually drawing on the pair, whilst Utah was pulled up, as also was Prince Imperial at the conclusion of the fourth round. Motuiti maintained her advantage to the end, winning by six lengths from Vickery, who passed the breaking Sam Slick, Harold B and The Baron in the straight. Harold B was a length away third, Sam Slick fourth, and The Baron fifth.

Time 5min 10sec. Dividend - £4 16s.

A protest against the winner for inconsistent running was dismissed.

ADVANCE HANDICAP (in harness) of 60 sovs; second horse 12 sovs and third horse 6 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Big Jim 1; Bonnie Spec 2; Johnny III 3.

Time 5min 38 2/5sec Dividend - £4 15s.

Credit: Star 5 Apr 1899

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