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Mr L Wilson who had been Judge at the Lancaster Park Amateur Trotting Club’s meetings was the first Judge appointed by the NZMTC acting in an Honorary capacity from the Club’s inaugural Meeting in 1899 until his retirement in 1903.

Mr R O Duncan succeeded Mr Wilson and held the position a a paid official until 1906 whem his appointment became an Honorary one and he continued to so act until 1909.

Mr W H Hartgill officiated for one Meeting only in 1909 and Mr Duncan then resumed as Honorary Judge to the Club. It was reported in the NZ REFEREE of 26th July 1912 that Mr R O Duncan had resigned his position as Honorary Judge with the NZMTC as some of the progeny of his stallion “King Cole” were ready to race. Mr Duncan’s decision was also influenced by his appointment as a Committeeman of the Club.

Following Mr Duncan’s resignation in 1912 Mr W H Hartgill was again appointed Judge holding the position until 1919.

The next Judge to be appointed was Mr A Dickson, a racing Journalist to the Lyttelton Times, The Star and other papers. Mr Dickson was appointed prior to the 1919 Easter Meeting and continued to officiate until 1941. Following the 1919 Cup Meeting it was reported that Mr Dickson had given entire satisfaction with his decisions and the prompt posting of the numbers of the placed horses.

Following Mr Dickson’s resignation three applications were received for the position, those applying being Messrs A R Allardyce, D B Clarkson and A O Wellwood. The Committee decided to appoint Mr Wellwood for the August Meeting and then adopted the policy of appointing him Meeting by Meeting until 1942 when he was appointed until further notice.

In June 1945 Mr F A Jarrett was appointed Judge with Mr Wellwood as his assistant. Mr Jarrett tendered his resignation in March 1945 to be effective from the end of the 1953/54 season.

In June 1954 Mr H V Spicer who had been assistant to Mr Jarrett was appointed Judge and Mr M Mace his assistant. Mr Spicer officiated in this capacity until Easter 1966 when Mr M Mace was appointed Judge with Mr R F McCoubrey his assistant. Mr Mace only officiated for the August andOctober Meetings of that year as he was of the opinion that the Judges Box was not high enough and as this matter could not be rectified he tendered his resignation to be effective forthwith. Mr H V Spicer officiated at the Club’s Cup Meeting.

Mr R F McCoubrey, who had been Mr Mace’s assistant, was appointed in 1967 with Mr R P Dalziel as his assistant. Mr Dalziel resigned in 1970 and Mr McCoubrey’s assistant from the National Meeting 1971 until the Cup Meeting 1972 was M A G Duffield whose position was taken in Easter 1973 by Mr D E Streeter. Mr McCoubrey and Mr Streeter resigned from their respective positions at the end of the 1982/83 season.

From the National Meeting 1983 Mr G A Bruhns acted in the capacity of Judge, his assistant being Mr I L Chambers.

Credit: NZMTC: Historical Notes compiled by D C Parker

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