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JOHN NOBLE - Horseman


John Noble was one of the finest harness people your path could cross. As the son of a famous trainer he had the "silver spoon" tag attached to his career that was not fair. He battled to get the good drives from the stable in his early years and took some time to learn the finer points of the tougher race driving rules then.

But he had three essential weapons. Kind hands, a smart brain and the patience to await the best opportunity. Those skills won him hundreds of races. His readiness to tell a yarn against himself and the belief that other things mattered (best summed up by the famous English trainer Henry Cecil, "I don't suppose God will be bothered if I don't win a maiden at Chepstow today") gave him the perspective to enjoy life outside the hothouse of racing. It also meant he did not dwell on the negatives. Putting things into the right context is a mark of all outstanding horsemen.

Malcolm Shinn, in an outstanding eulogy recalled how Bonnie Frost (rated by JB as the best he drove) was a real handful in training and how John would come back in the afternoon, hopple up the filly and just walk her around in the cart for an hour or so to help her relax. He always managed to make the game appear easier than it really was.

In some ways John Noble, so astute on so many matters, so successful in racing and the overall context of life; and such affable company, made an understated exit from the racing world. That was the Noble way but his abilities won't ever be underrated by those who knew him.

That was his final tip for genuine success. If you are confident in your own abilities and actions you don't need the backslappers and the cheerleaders to keep repeating how great you are to the outside world.

Credit: David McCarthy writing in Harnessed Oct15

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