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Handicappers, the Committee: Starter, Mr H J Derrett.

The weather is damp and cold for the Autumn Trotting Meeting of the Lower Heathcote Racing and Trotting Club today, and the attendance is only moderate. The following are the details of the racing up to the time of our going to press:-

HANDICAP MAIDEN TROT (in saddle) of 20 sovs. One mile.

Mr P Lynskey's b m Orizaba, aged, 7sec (Owner) 1.

Mr J Marsden's b g The Joker, aged, 10sec (Hill) 2.

Mr F Johnson's c m Lina, 6yrs, 10sec (Owner) 3.

The Duke 3sec, Milly 7sec, Bilbah 7sec, Geordie II 8sec, Miss Graham 8sec, Langworthy 8sec, Mountain Lad 8sec, Rena 10sec, Dennis 10sec, Orphan Boy 10sec, Marshland 10sec, Silver Grey 10sec and Lulu 12sec also started.

Orizaba got to the front in the first half-mile, and, going on, won very easily by thirty yards. Time 3min 7sec. Dividend - £2 6s 6d.

HANDICAP PONY TROT (in saddle) of 20 sovs. Two miles.

Mr F Moorhouse's b m Granny, aged, 27sec (Owner) 1.

Mr A G Holmes' blk m Fiona, 6yrs, 15sec (Harrold) 2.

Miss Irwell scr, Newlyn Maid 5sec, Chance 18sec, Miss Sligo 25sec, Lily 25sec, Vanity 27sec, Nona 30sec, Woodlands 30sec, Buttercup 30sec, Dairymaid 33sec Meliora 33sec, Nipper 37sec also started.

Nipper led for three-quarters of a mile, when Chance took command, and carried on the running until the top turn was reached. Here, however, he broke, and Granny, going on, won by twenty yards from Fiona. Time 6min 32sec. Dividend - £6 19s.

ST PATRICK'S HANDICAP of 50 sovs; second horse 5 sovs. Two miles.

Mr H J Tasker's b m Sarah, aged, 33sec (Owner) 1.

Mr A Duncan's blk g Darkie, aged, 22sec (Owner) 2.

Mr A G Holmes' b m Glamour, 6yrs, 30sec (Hammill) 3.

Inferno 12sec, Ballance 33sec also started.

Sarah led all the way, and although Darkie ran up to her at the top of the straight, he broke, and Sarah won by 20 yards. Time 6min 20sec. Dividends - £3 3s 6d.

Credit: Star 17 Mar 1893

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